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November 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’ve finally started to turn thoughts into actions.

Tonight was spent putting together the first of some little Christmas presents. These ones are for the ladies. dainty rosary style chains made with gold-fill wire and semi-precious stones. I picked out three stones: Black Spinel, Lemon Quartz and Garnet.

The Black Spinel is my favorite and I may have snuck myself a little bracelet along the way. Oopsie.

Spinel is a relatively rare gem, with the only known deposits in Thailand, Africa, Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka. It is mostly minded from the deposit in Thailand, so I’m imagining that is where these stones originate. I love it as a more mysterious alternative to Onyx.  Spinels are supposedly associated with love and are also said to encourage passion and perhaps even to increase the duration of one’s life. Black Spinel in particular is thought to be a protective stone with powers to help re-establish relationships and resolve issues. Adorably it is also believed to relieve sadness. What a precious stone indeed! From now on, this is my anti-sadness bracelet.

I will post more photos tomorrow when there is sunshine and I’m not forced to try and contort in front of the bathroom mirror to snap a shot on my phone.



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We’re having a Cyber Monday special right now!

Flit over to the i like you as a friend Etsy store today for free shipping on orders of $25 or more. What a perfect incentive to pick out some sparkly gifts for your little loved ones.

new items added!

November 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

including our absolutely most favorite piece yet!

gold plated, engraved heart charm

some rings.

August 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

My grandmother recently gave me some garnet and sapphire earrings she wore when she was younger. I instantly knew what I wanted to do with them and I’m very happy with the results! Now I can wear them and always think of her!

i like you…as a friend.

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rocking chair with ruby

rocking horse with ruby

pirateship with black diamond

t-rex with emerald

horse and carriage with blue diamond

All of the above are also be available in gold vermeil.

We know that times are tough out there! So we’ve made a nice little Recession Special section in our store to keep you all in pretty golden jewelries. Everyone needs something shiny when the days are dull.

Lovingly made in New York City!
We only make things we’d love to wear ourselves, so if you like sailboats, cupcakes, puppies, cowboys and robots, you’ll probably find something perfect here.

All of our charms are 14k or 18k gold plated, hung on gold filled chain or 18k vermeil chain. Our packaging is as adorable as our jewelry! So if it’s for a gift, please let us know and we’ll include a personal note.

And introducing our 2009 Sterling Silver collection! All pieces in this collection are sterling silver, hung from 18″ sterling silver chains and set with natural stones.

The Big Cartel

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i like you as a friend is testing out another outlet. It’s a cute little site, sort of like Etsy but not quite. Have a look at our new store and tell us what you think!

We only have a couple of things listed right now, stuff like this:

i like you as a friend ‘07


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I just listed one of my favorite pieces of our jewelry on our Etsy. He’s so handsome!


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