christmas card..issues…

December 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

I had lofty expectations for this years cards.

Unfortunately, the god of crafts wasn’t smiling upon me and I spent a good hour or so carving into a lino block to come up with less than desirable results. Sad face. I think we shall be sending out store bought cards this year. Humbug!!

Pretty cute little stag-reindeer though, right? Too bad he wont be guiding the way this Christmas.



World’s Smallest Deer

March 17, 2008 § 4 Comments

Sundays, for me, are lazy drawing time. A cup of steaming coffee, a pair of warm socks, a clean apartment and an ipod full of This American Life to listen to. Positively heavenly. I must admit that I really haven’t dedicated enough of my time or energy to my drawing in a long time….years perhaps. So this Sunday I pulled out a sketch book with renewed dedication and started to sketch out some robots. Matt was checking out the blogosphere and apparently happened upon an article on Gothamist about the World’s Smallest Deer. Before I knew it I had a doodle sketched out and as it started to take shape, I decided that I rather liked it. Here’s a quick glimpse, straight from the sketchbook. I think I might add some color on the computer. We shall see.

Worlds Smallest Deer

It’s odd to realize how much I’ve lost by not drawing regularly. Now I picture things and jab away at the paper with my pencil, desperately trying to recreate the image in my mind….but things don’t happen the way they used to! My perspective is off, my lines fall in the wrong place, and worst of all (perhaps) is my regular use of photoshop has me mentally thinking “oops, UNDO”. Can’t undo….hah. I think I deserve it though, my punishment for not picking up a pencil or some paints more often. I’m back now! I promise!

Windy Days.

February 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

I wanted to make something more personal for the header to this blog as it’s meant to be my creative little outlet. It has been pretty windy in the mornings when I’m walking keiko recently, blustery, wanting-to-be-almost-spring weather. It made me think of this…

Windy Days

I hope you like it.

(P.s. you can click on it if you want to see it bigger)

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