cold feet

November 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s 48.6 °F in New York and we’re a no shoe household.

Therefore: slippers!

I’ve been wanting this pair of these Cath Kidston sheepskin slippers for a while:

But I’m also rather taken with these little red treasures from J Crew:

And then there’s these from Onstail on Etsy:

Honestly, the latter are probably my favorites. They’re so European and stoic, they suit me to the bone. Besides, who could resist a shop description that reads “My shop just autumn! Share it and the feel the warmth and coziness. I think it is essential to life. There is no bad weather, just bad clothes. Wool is good. It will keep you warm. I wish you all heat and rest. Be eco in wearing felt!”

I want to wear these slippers and a faded black linen dress with a giant chunky knit sweater over the top, as I stare out across my rugged sheep farm in New Zealand. I would be wrapping my hands around a mug of hot tea and enjoying the windy, salty breeze. Obviously. It’s funny where a pair of slippers of slippers can take you.

But maybe my mum will get me the Cath Kidston ones for Christmas…can my cold toes last that long?!


Bag Lady.

April 28, 2008 § 3 Comments

I happened to notice that my old pink star Cath Kidston book bag is starting to look a little worst for wear around the edges. This prompted me to make some replacements…

Sailboats, for rainy days...

Cowboys for summer days...

I’m working on some others. Using up pretty much all of my oilcloth! Sad face! I wish we could find somewhere that could print decent quality oilcloth for us. Siiigh. I did make a little zip purse to match the boat bag…of course.


First Summer dress of the season.

March 25, 2008 § 5 Comments

little blue dress

This was a play around version. The top stitching on it is rather embarrassing! But it helped me sort out some quirks with the pattern that I’ve changed. The next time I plan to make it out of a much thinner fabric (this time I used a heavy cotton duck, a Cath Kidston print, Blue Daisy I think). A cute little summer play dress however. Fun, fun, fun!

little blue dress


Panda Cutlets!

February 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

So, I have gone ahead and created a little Etsy store of my very own. I will be using it to sell little bits and pieces that I make, in the hope that it will a) make me a little bit of spare cash, b) inspire me to make many more things.

The first things listed include:

Wonky Robot.

wonky robot

Mini Cushions.

mini cushions

And Circus Bag!

Circus Bag!

Flynn and I have been toying over the idea of creating an Etsy for baked goods and candies! It would solve the problem of making things and then eating them and getting fat. Hehe.

For all the Cath Kidston fans out there.

February 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

In case you hadn’t noticed, my friends and I are sort of a little bit in love with Cath Kidston. She sadly went ahead and shut down her two US stores last year and ordering from the British site is a touch demoralizing, considering the terrifying gap between the US dollar and the GBP and also the insane shipping costs and times from the UK. Sob.

Anyway, this is a little flash of light in the gloom. Cath Kidston suppliers in the US still have some of her product and they are selling it off at an AMAZING discount! Check out the site here! This is all bedding, linens, toweling, etc. Pretty much all of this stuff has been discontinued in England and so there is literally nowhere else you can get it from! So exciting! I already had my mum put through an order. She lives in London, but the savings are just fantastic! I snapped up a couple of things I had been pining for, but things are going quickly. Siiigh.

Definitely worth a peek. Trust me.

In other news, her new collection is out. And I want this:
Cowboy Bowling Bag. Cath Kidston.

Which I would obviously wear with these:

Cowboy enamel pins. Cath Kidston.

And this:

Cowboy scarf. Cath Kidston.


Stiching away.

February 6, 2008 § 2 Comments

My new sewing machine has me in making-stuff overload…and I’m not complaining about that. Here’s a quick pic’ of Keiko’s new splash mat for her messy eating and drinking! (it’s double sided with pastel flowers blue on the back…eeeeee!) Even her stuff matches!

Splash Mat!

Also a new little mouse pad, with a puffed heart to rest your wrist on!

Mouse Pad

Puffed heart.

Keiko’s new bed.

February 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

Keiko has finally, officially out grown her original puppy bed. Something she was really not meant to do, she’s much bigger than she should be! So, now she needs a new bed. I set out copying the basic pattern of her original Cath Kidston, red star, small bed and decided to use my red spot cotton duck to make the new one (I really wanted to make it out of pink strawberry, but I think it might have killed Matt). I had to restitch things a few times to get it quite right, Keiko was VERY (un)helpful whilst I was stuffing and sewing it, so I decided to throw together a little Destroy Toy for her to munch on whilst I was working, she loves him!

Keiko’s Destroy Toy!

The bed turned out perfectly, it’s nice and big so she can curl up in it and roll around and not fall out. Unfortunately she prefers to dig the cushion out and get underneath it, something like a Shiba Inu hamburger. Hrmm.

New bed, new toy.

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