Spiced Apples

October 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Avery has been asking for cherry pie lately.

We tried to explain that it wasn’t really cherry season at the moment, I pointed out the lack of cherries in the grocery store and how we don’t have a constant supply in the refrigerator either. He’s not entirely convinced about it all but he did allow for me to suggest making an apple pie instead. Our neighbor had recently picked the apples from her tree and had sent a ginormous amount in our direction (Thanks!!)…although Avery has been sneaking one whenever we take Keiko for a walk for the past month or so… Anyway, this Sunday morning, I attempted to enlist some help from A, but apparently peeling apples is too tiresome for a three year old. He galavanted off to the deck with his dad and brother and I got stuck in to a good 2 hours of peeling, slicing and coring. Good times.

The recipe is so simple it’s almost criminal to call it a recipe. Basically you put apples in a pan with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a bunch of spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and a little bit of ginger) and a cup or two of apple juice. Then you cook them gently (for about 30 mins, give or take) until they’re yummy and soft and taste nice. Can’t screw that up, right?! I would have thrown in some raisins, maybe some orange zest, but my husband is a purist, so this is how the apples shall be for now.

Best thing about all of this is that it’s really a decently healthy snack/desert/pie filling, whatever you want it to be. I canned it all in pint and a 1/2 jars with the intention being that it should be the ideal amount to fill a pie, whenever I actually get around to making some pastry. Although, one jar has already disappeared into a toddlers belly, he suddenly regained interest when the kitchen started smelling like spiced candy….he may have also had a little bit of help from the rest of the team.

I filled 6 jars altogether, so 9 pints of apples currently sit in our kitchen! I will probably give some to neighbors and friends but still, that’s a couple of pies in our near future. I think Avery is pretty chuffed about that.



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