holidays are over

January 3, 2011 § Leave a comment


I didn’t seem to have a moment to breathe over the past week or so. The Christmas presents all seemed to come together in the end, I think I actually managed to make about 70% or so of the gifts that we gave out. Maybe even more. The lip balms seemed to go over well, I’m so glad as I was worried about gifting something that people would never want anywhere near their lips! I also whipped up some brandy butter (which I entirely forgot to photograph) in cute little glass jars, topped with a red ribbon. And some Rum Balls…I guess it was a boozey Christmas.

I think we actually ended up making 100+ of these little guys. I employed Matt to help me roll them, and we came up with come pretty ingenious coatings. Matt’s *mexican chocolate* one was probably the tastiest and most successful. We wrapped up little brown paper bags of them for gifts and then took a giant tray full down to our local beer spot for their Christmas party. They were a pretty big hit! Even if I say so myself. Heh. I actually used a recipe for them this time and it had a very different result. Normally I just bake chocolate brownies and then smoosh them all up with rum and raisins and extra chocolate bits, etc. But this recipe had me toast pecans and then grind them in a processor, mixing that with vanilla wafers that had been processed to powder (and rum….of course). The results were delicious, for sure, but far more Ferrero Rocher than I am used to.


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