March 25, 2008 § 4 Comments

Krista is one of my favorites. When she blogs about stuff, I check it out, because it’s guaranteed awesome. She has now got me entirely hooked on MuxTape, the perfect way to share music with my brother who lives an ocean away. Check out my first MuxTape here. And read Krista’s blog. Duh.

little k-hole


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§ 4 Responses to MuxTape

  • Adrienne says:

    Love that dress!!! What pattern did you use? I wear dresses alot during the summer and would love one of those … BTW – found you on flicker. Best wishes – A

  • katecoats says:

    Thanks Adrienne! It’s a Simplicity pattern from the easy-to-sew range. #3738. I made a few alterations to it, but nothing much, mostly to the fit and cut.

    Yay for Flickr!

  • toms says:

    Hey kate, just got round to reading your blog. wow on the hair. Hope you’re enjoying that. I need to get an equally radical haircut, as I feel like a 1980s weirdo at the moment.

    Good work on picking up the sewing again: looks like awesome fun.

    I can’t muxtape, because my computer’s too archaic, and hates thinking. Also, I have no internets anywhere but work, and can’t really listen to musics there.

    I’ve totally fallen behind on music, anyway. It’s all car building and motorcycling. The rally’s pretty soon: I don’t think the car will be ready, but let’s have a go… The bike definitely will!

    God, I’m looking forward to this!



  • katecoats says:

    I guess I shall have to burn you that CD after all…

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